Daily Yoga Poses To Try When You Work On A Computer

You don't need to break up with your computer. Fortunately, you can have a healthier relationship with remote work. The medical reviewers at the Mayo Clinic report that yoga can help alleviate basic aches and pains, like the tension you may feel in your back and neck after sitting at a desk or hunching over a computer. Writers at Harvard Health agree. Try one of these yoga instructor-approved poses each day of the week. No yoga mat needed.

A Digital Tour of Patsy Takemoto Mink's, Founder of Title IV, Life

In 1964, Mink became the first woman of color to serve in the House of Representatives. During her 12 terms of service, Mink sat on the Committee on Education and Labor and helped form the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus. She was a prolific legislator and initiated federal policies on Head Start, free and reduced school lunch programs, special education, and other educational advocacy.

Giovanni’s Room and the Fate of LGBT Bookstores in a Dying Industry | National Trust for Historic Preservation

Among the first four LGBT bookstores in this country, only Giovanni’s Room remains. This place offers us a unique glimpse into the rise and fall of the queer bookstore industry, and it introduces us to the preservationist communities who are trying to save America’s LGBT bookstores [by using digital and in-person tools in the age of Amazon].

LGBT+ Video Gaming

The lesbian kiss was an accident. In 1999, the crowd at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) was floored by a prototype of The Sims. At the conference, game developers for The Sims demonstrated the diverse ways a player could replicate real-life social situations through their avatar. Patrick Barrett, a gay man, trained the AI that allowed same-sex relationships in The Sims. But Barrett was working with old code. He wasn’t aware that, at the time, his team had decided to limit the game’s romance to heterosexual interactions. So when the expo simulation showed two women getting married, it forecasted sexual liberation that wasn’t yet possible within other E3 games or even in the entire United States. (Article image owned by Hypernova Sims on Youtube)

My Grandmother's Depression-Era Recipes Are Helping Me Cope During the Pandemic

Although she passed away in 2013, Clara's inventive recipes, everything from Dandelion Salad to Italian Ice, serve as a time capsule from more somber times. Still, if you scroll to the comments on any of her cooking videos, you'll find an outpouring of love and thanks in recent weeks: "My anxiety is through the roof and Clara's videos are so comforting to watch, especially during these terrible times," one commenter wrote. "Clara is exactly what I needed right now," wrote another. These recipes, no matter how simple and scarce they may be, prove that our loved ones' memories can live on in our kitchens. And while whipping a batch of my grandmother's mashed potatoes can't remedy the unknown, it has given me an overwhelming sense of security that I desperately needed.

For the deaf or hard of hearing, face masks pose new challenge

A whopping 15% of American adults report hearing loss, but many people never learn to sign because they lose their hearing gradually. Some of these people -- like my grandmother and perhaps yours, too -- rely on lip-reading. To help these individuals who are not fluent in ASL, but still have some hearing, essential workers may carry portable microphones that clip onto a headset or a belt. Nurses and doctors may want to experiment with phone apps that turn a smartphone into a microphone when you pair your phone with any Bluetooth speaker. These simple adjustments will boost their volume and bridge the communication gap.

Dewdrop Releases 3 New Stress Relieving Drinks and Oh, Wow, Perfect Timing

We like our self-care in liquid form, but we always get such weird looks when we pop open a White Claw at the end of a yoga class. (Um, what ever happened to the divine in you honoring the divine in me?) So, we were intrigued to hear about Dewdrop, a brand-new “sparkling functional beverage.” Dewdrop is a flavored sparkling water with 35 to 45 calories and 9 grams of sugar per can. But its real claim to fame is that it offers the stress-balancing benefits of adaptogens.